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Arya İnşaat;serves on steel-wooden roof constructions, metal clamp covering manufacturing, tile roof covering, besides qualified steel covering manufacturing such as copper, titanium zinc, lead, gives services at the issues of membrane and groundwork, basement floor curtains, wet ground applications.


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Tile Covering

One of the essential elements who protects our building from the effects of outer physical environment is Roofs. Roofs which can be constructed in different ways are classified into some certain sections according to covering materials that used. In that sense, the most preferred effectuation kind is tile covering. A tile which does not include any chemical is long lasted lite since it is total natural. In addition, whether local or not, in case of a damage, the change of them would be enough. Besides, tile that puts an aesthetic view to the building is an advantageous material about prices.


Clamp Covering

Both for more accurate water isolation and for its practicality about effectuation issue, clamp covering is one of the preferred covering systems. Besides, it is durable and does not need maintenance. While all the connection points all pushed by clamping into each other and it makes transmissionless intersection, thanks to clips, high resistance to wind is acquired. Clamp roofs, in sense of needs, offers us different effectuation choices such as steel clamp, copper clamp, aluminium clamp, dyed galvanic panel clamp, titanium copper clamp.


Roof Windows

Roof floors which is in total darkness cannot provide actively use. In that case, roof windows serve us the most practical way to make mentioned floors take light and daily usable. While roof provides us that advantage, the selection of high-performance products is crucial about the issue of water isolation. Roof windows serves us different solutions for different needs and preferences such as vertical and horizontal combination solutions, exit to terrace windows, balcony systems, middle hinged roof windows, terrace roof windows, blinds, sun tunnels, curtains, shaders, swatters and jacuzzies. Velux who has more than 80 years about that issue is our firm’s preference and both for lasting and for aesthetic they serve high quality standards.


Rain Evacuation Systems

The healthily evacuation of accumulated rain after snow or rain waters is so crucial. As time passes, accumulated water intrudes some certain points (especially from roof-drain intersections). However, if the water isolation is not sufficient, the mentioned intrusion event that takes place less time causes damage both roof internal materials and top-wall intersection of room. BMI who is our firm’s choice and who prove themselves in international marketplace serves their users two basic rain evacuation system choices which is copper and zinc. While cooper systems made of %99.9 pure cooper provides us traditional and elegant appearance, zinc magnesium covering systems provides more durability towards corrosion. Besides, while both systems commonly provide high stability towards wind forces, it has gasket systems to use on its additional places for resisting shrinkage caused by changes in temperature. Since it is placed in modular way in both systems, it does not need an extra labour and provides higher integrity.


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Basic CONCRETE-Wall Water Isolation

Even if concrete is a long-lasted material innately, its interaction with water and chemical components always constitutes a risk for concrete.


As known; as concrete, which is permeable component, exposures water, it causes corrosion. The iron that exposures corrosion loses its endurance and technical features. Both at groundwork and especially wall components which exposures high vertical strains constitutes high level of risk when it is considered that we are located on earthquake girdle.


That is why, it is very important for our buildings to do both groundwork jobs and curtain-wall water isolations to be done in appropriate and correct way. The other factor more important than effectuation is to use the products which prove itself in marketplace with high talented equips. Even if the labour is well, it is not possible to provide long-lasted durability buildings with weaker products. Our firm with its experienced technical crew works with firms such as Weber, Köster which proved themselves in international marketplace in that issues and serves long lasted solutions.



The places where always in interaction with water such as kitchen, bathroom and etc. are called wet area. At those areas, since they always exposure water, situations like intumescence of walls, blemishes at walls are very common. Besides, there are lots of situations in which water causes corrosion at fittings in decks especially in bathrooms. Also, that situations show itself at one down floor as brown and can cause layers at roofs at later stages. That event which directly effects the endurance of the building constitutes problems about comfort issues. That is why, as in groundwork and curtain-wall, it is very important to make efficient water isolation effectuations in inside of buildings, too. In that case, our firm which prefers Köster in that issues, serves long lasted effectuations.


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